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ANote Music – the marketplace for music rights

About ANote Music

ANote Music Sàrl. is the company that created the first true Stock Exchange for Music Rights and was founded by Marzio F. Schena, Matteo Cernuschi and Grégoire Mathonet in January 2018, incorporated and with its headquarters in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. ANote Music understood the power of music as  the next big asset class , developing a key presence in Poland and Italy, through a strong network of advisors and a representative office at the Music Innovation Hub in Milano.

After numerous months spent exploring the music industry, analyzing the similarities with the financial markets and creating the wireframe,, the three founders developed a solid and robust business plan, while  looking for a Seed investment to help kickstart the ANote Music initiative. A group of international investors, both institutional and private, cognized that ANote Music had the potential and capabilities to form the bridge between investors and Music Right Owners, and bring the breath of freshness and innovation that the music industry was lacking. During the initial Seed round which was raised in July 2019, ANote Music collected EUR 180,000 and had the resources to build up its team.

Today the company counts on 7 full-time team members and 5 freelancers, responsible for managing the ANote Music Platform, and its overarching architecture tasked with executing the company’s long-term strategy.

About the ANote Music Platform – Embrace a new trading experience

The ANote Music Platform is the result of a thorough observation and analysis of the inefficiencies of the modern music industry as of today and its correlation with the financial market:

  • The music industry was a closed market until mid-2019, royalty contracts have been privately traded between players such as Record Labels, Publishers, Managers or Artists.
  • Many industry players struggle to generate liquidity at the time they need it and remain financially independent.
  • Investors and financial players are often looking to diversify their portfolios with assets which are not impacted by the ups and downs of the financial market.

As a consequence of the above considerations and the fact that the financial status-quo within the music industry has known little to no innovation since its conception, we decided to drastically improve the exciting “mousetrap” through the creation of the ANote Music Platform.

The platform brings an innovative trading approach and a dynamic interface with key features to create the ultimate trading experience:

  • Auctions: Whenever new catalogues are added on the platform, users may place bids to own shares. The auction phase is completed when an auction closes or reaches 100% of the raise target.
  • Exchange: After the auction of a catalog is completed, it becomes available on the Music Exchange. Investors can re-sell their shares of rights or buy more, simply issuing a limit order on the market. Trade songs as you would with stock options on the secondary market.
  • Monitor investments: ANote Music allows users to have a clear overview of their copyrights in the Portfolio section,giving clear analyses of the performances of the portfolio and the royalties that have been generated so far.
  • Blockchain technology: ANote Music provides a secure and transparent platform to its users, as every time a SRC exchanges hands, the transaction gets stored permanently in the Blockchain.
  • Transparent commissions: ANote Music applies a small listing fee to sellers when raising funds has successfully been completed, and a small management fee to investors when royalties get distributed to their accounts.
The ANote Music team started conceptualizing its platform in June 2018 and by October 2019 its desktop version was ready for deployment. 

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