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ANote Music guides and helps deal happen between ROBA Music Publishing and AP Music Royalties to acquire German heritage music catalogue with works of ‘Musikverlage Hans Gerig’

ANote Music, Europe’s leading marketplace for investing in music royalties, is pleased to announce that it helped structure the deal which led to the acquisition of the well established German music publisher, GERIG, from Bergisch Gladbach, by AP Music Royalties Fund (APMRF) and ROBA Music Publishing (ROBA). GERIG was founded in 1946 and comprises  more than 20 music publishing catalogues and over 30,000 song copyrights.

Leading German speaking musicians from various decades since the 1950s have performed and recorded the GERIG songs, starting inter alia with Freddy Quinn, Peter Alexander, Bill Ramsey or Hazy Osterwald in the 1950s followed by Gus Backus, Caterina Valente, Vico Torriani, Heintje, Roy Black, Nina Hagen, Peter Maffay, Karat or Spider Murphy Gang in the latter half of the 20th century and more recently with contemporary recordings and performances by BAP, DJ Ötzi, Jürgen Drews or Ikke Hüftgold. 

Among the songs acquired are famous Pop/Rock classic “Verdammt lang her” and the GDR hits “Über sieben Brücken musst Du gehn”, “Der blaue Planet”, “Melodie D’amour” and “Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen”. Particularly well represented is GERIG in the genres of Karneval (“Drink doch eine met”, “Mer Losse der Dom In Kölle”, “In unserem Veedel”, “Der Treue Husar”), Party Music (“Johnny Däpp”, “Heute fährt die 18 bis nach Istanbul”) and Rock/Oktoberfest (“Skandal im Sperrbezirk”, “Schickeria”). 

Furthermore, GERIG participates in Germany on life of copyright basis on well-known international hits such as “Hey Baby”, “This Ole House”, “See You Later Alligator” and “A Banda”. In the German Schlager genre, famous melodies such as “Immer wieder Sonntags” and “Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein” are also included in the catalogue. In addition, German Volksmusik is represented in the GERIG catalogue with evergreen hits such as “Aus Böhmen kommt die Musik” “Wo der Wildbach rauscht” and the “Rennsteiglied”. 

The deal was advised by Reinher Karl (BKP Law), Andreas Lichtenhahn (SBL Law), Sven Metger (EbnerStolz), Marzio Schena (ANote Music), Jens Schippmann (Schippmann Law)


About ANote Music 

ANote Music is the European marketplace for investing in music royalties and was founded in Luxembourg by Marzio F. Schena, Matteo Cernuschi, and Grégoire Mathonet in January 2018. ANote Music has identified the power of music as the next big investment opportunity and created a bridge between the music industry and the capital markets. ANote Music enables publishers, record labels, and artists to sell music rights, introducing them to a new system of financing, as well as offering users a new investment opportunity and the chance to own shares in promising artists. At present, the total amount raised by the company stands at over €1.5million. ANote Music is also supported by Luxinnovation, the Luxembourg national innovation agency, providing access to government funding for the startup.

About Alternative Partners (AP) and APMRF: 

Alternative Partners is an independent Swiss based investment advisory company founded by Marcel Schnyder and Ivo Holdener. APMRF is the first European on-shore alternative investment fund (AIF) under Liechtenstein law with focus on music royalties investments.

 About ROBA: 

ROBA Music Publishing is one of the globally leading independent music publishers headquartered in Hamburg (Germany). ROBA offers music administration services for the digital age and puts the requirements and needs of its artists and partners at the centre. With its segments Music Publishing, Label Services and Production Music, ROBA offers a 360 degrees music publishing approach.


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