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ANote launches new platform following strong 2021 performance

ANote Music (“ANote”), Europe’s leading marketplace for investing in music royalties, is pleased to announce the launch of its upgraded online platform. The redesign of ANote’s User Interface (UI) offers ergonomic functionalities and intuitive website navigation, enabling investors to invest seamlessly in the rights of music they know and love. This comes as ANote achieved year-on-year revenue growth of +550% in 2021 over 2020; the new platform infrastructure will therefore be key to satisfying ever-growing demand to financially connect investors with artists and rights-owners.

The UX design is anchored in ANote’s mission to facilitate broader investor engagement in music royalties. Investors receive a clear onboarding procedure and can easily view a comprehensive breakdown of catalogue contents, historical royalty flows and financial overviews. Strong product transparency and inclusive catalogue price points (starting at as little as €6) reflect a democratic approach that seeks to involve a greater number of institutional and retail investors in what has historically been an exclusive market segment.

There is clearly an appetite for ANote’s product offering. In spite of Covid-19, ANote grew its business to achieve total sales of €6.5M at 2021 year-end, testament to an expanding investor base and reputable catalogue offering that has amassed a suite of international tracks performed by such household names as Avicii, Avril Lavigne, The Beach Boys and Drake.

Investors attracted to ANote’s service have proven quick to return to the platform and engage further, with the repeat customer rate reaching 67% at the end of last year. With enhanced auction functionalities, a more rewarding referral programme and the addition of new cryptocurrency payments, loyal and first-time customers alike will benefit from a refined bidding and investment experience.

CEO, Marzio Schena, said: “ANote’s performance in the 18 months since launching has well surpassed our financial targets, while also exceeding account registration forecasts. Looking at the months ahead, we are keen to harness this momentum by delivering a refined service that attracts new and repeat investors based on the quality of our user experience, customer service and product offering. With its intuitive, accessible UI, ANote’s upgraded platform is designed to bolster user engagement for a diverse range of investors, providing the infrastructure and information they need to understand our full suite of catalogues and make informed investment decisions.”

Since launching in July 2020, ANote has expanded its product volume to list over 100 artists across its growing number of catalogues available in the secondary market. Between them, the catalogues feature an all-time total number of over 110, 500 songs. To accommodate the expanded offering, ANote’s platform has adopted advanced genre filtering and portfolio data tools. This enables investors to more easily allocate capital in line with their music tastes and financially engage in the success of their favourite music creators, providing crucial liquidity for funding new artistic projects.



About ANote Music 
ANote Music is the European marketplace for investing in music royalties and was founded in Luxembourg by Marzio F. Schena, Matteo Cernuschi, and Grégoire Mathonet in January 2018. ANote Music has identified the power of music as the next big investment opportunity and created a bridge between the music industry and the capital markets. ANote Music enables publishers, record labels, and artists to sell music rights, introducing them to a new system of financing, as well as offering users a new investment opportunity and the chance to own shares in promising artists. At present, the total amount raised by the company stands at over €1.5million. ANote Music is also supported by Luxinnovation, the Luxembourg national innovation agency, providing access to government funding for the startup.

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